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About Us

My Yoga Space was created by Jess Ngian, who originates from Singapore,  in an open space within the apartment compound where she used to reside. She was a Business Manager in the shipping industry and possesses a Bachelor’s degree in International Supply Chain Management. Although very successful in her freight career, along the way, she lost her passion in the industry.

Yoga changed her life, and once she started, she never looked back. After practicing yoga for a year, she continued to pursue further knowledge in the art of yoga by embarking on a grueling 200-hour certification course — the Ashtanga Teacher’s Training in India. She spent a month in India immersed in understanding the philosophy of yoga, the anatomy of the human body and an in depth connection with every aspect of the asanas. After coming home from India, she completed another 50 hours of Yin Yoga Teacher’s Training to understand the yin side of yoga practice. 

Jess has since moved from Singapore to the Netherlands with her family and enjoys having pancakes, poffetjes and Dutch Cheese. She is working on her Dutch language skills but for now she teaches in English. 

She currently teaches Ashtanga Yoga & Yin Yoga — encouraging Meditation and Pranayama throughout the practice. 

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