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Eva D. Bruin

My Yoga Space Dordrecht is een hele fijne Yoga studio! Jess geeft op een professionele manier en met veel passie haar yogalessen. Ze creëert tijdens haar lessen een fijne sfeer en heeft oog voor persoonlijke aandacht! Na een Yogales voel je je ontspannen en zit je lekker in je vel, echt een aanrader!!

R. Persad

Jess Ngian is an amazing Yoga teacher who is very well qualified having learned under the top masters. She is authentic, patient, caring and inspiring. You will get stronger and healthier with each lesson. She also offers her lessons both online and in English for all levels. I particularly love the Yin and Yang Flow yoga classes and the Restorative Yoga. Perfect for both body energy and strength, joint flexibility, and mental calmness.

Anthea Kwan

I have been looking for an English yoga studio in Dordrecht for awhile and finally, thankfully, Jess opened her studio here! I attended her Vinyasa flow class on my free trial and got hooked. I now attend it twice a week. She is a teacher that is patient and is very focused on getting her students to practice with the right techniques. Since starting in mid-Feb I definitely feel an increase in my flexibility and strength - I can get into my wheels alot easier and chaturangas! Thank you so much Jess for all the guidance thus far!!

Agata Plank

If you're looking for an amazing, lovely atmosphere with a professional teacher, My Yoga Space is for you!

Jess is an excellent tutor, I made progress under her wing like never before. Classes are interesting, challenging and very fun to experience. I'm so happy that I've found her studio and I highly recommend it to everyone!!

Anniek van den Berg

Een Yoga studio met een fijne ambiance en veel persoonlijke aandacht!

Jess focus ligt echt op het 

leren beheersen van de techniek. En natuurlijk de gezellige kopjes thee erna niet vergeten

Sandie Yang

I live in Den Bosch. Ever since the pandemic started, I begin looking for online yoga classes and I am so glad to have found Jess as my yoga teacher. Under her coaching, I have a stronger core and definitely very toned arms. In addition, I find her to be a very caring and lovely person.

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